Monday, September 12, 2016

We will have our first meeting of the co-op this Friday, the 16th of September.  Please join us for our adoration time at 1:30.  As you have read previously this is a very special time before our Lord.
We will have an ice cream social and games after so everyone can visit and get to know each other.  We hope to see many there.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Children Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

I have to admit that when the idea of Eucharistic adoration was first introduced in the Homeschool Group that my family attended -- especially 1 WHOLE HOUR I was more than concerned... Even a bit defensive... How do they expect me to keep my 5 young children (particularly my little son) quiet for THAT long...? Won't the children be bored...? Will I be criticized or looked down on if my children aren't the perfect angels they should be during that time???
Yes, I was more than a bit concerned...
After what is now approximately 8 years of Eucharistic Adoration I have to say, I'm hooked!!! It has been SUCH a blessing to our family. It saddens me that more families don't realize the beautiful opportunity and take full advantage of it! From our small group of adorers, we have celebrated 2 vocations to the priesthood and others discerning religious vocations, beautiful vocations to married life and and overall enhancement of family life and personal growth for all! It has silently lit a fire of love for Our Dear Lord and Our Holy Catholic Faith! What about my children you might ask... do they concur with all of the above? YES! It is amazing! They look forward to it and even when we are out and about and pass a church, it isn't unusual for them to request me to stop so they can make a quick visit to Jesus! As for my noisy little ones, guess what?!?! Jesus has a sense of humor and loves to find joy in their little noises during our time before him! He LOVES the little children and each of us as parents can sympathize and often join in helping with families with children younger than ours. It really develops community in that respect. I know personally it has developed a beautiful love and appreciation for our faith in my family. I'm sure Our Lord is pleased!!! Devoting an hour of prayer and encouraging our children will bring untold blessings -- I often visualize Jesus smiling on our noisy little group of adorers and extending His hand in benediction! It gives me great Joy!!!

I've often heard that Eucharistic Adoration is a bit like being out in the sun... you don't SEE the effects of the sun tanning your skin, but you are certainly changed -- Adoration is the same way... we don't SEE Jesus working to change our hearts or bring blessing into our families, but we are certainly changed!!!

God bless you as you consider blessing your family with opportunities for Eucharistic Adoration!
Respectfully Submitted,
Shelly Pichler

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

We have just over 4 weeks until our first Friday meeting of co-op.  The summer sure went fast!
Feel free to give a call to either myself, Paula Foster or Shelly Pichler with any questions you may have about our Friday meetings. You can find our contact information in the Contact tab.