Teaching Chart

Important:  The teaching chart spreadsheet is edited with every change made, so be careful because it saves the change(s) automatically when you exit.  So do not exit until your entries are displayed as you intended.  If you make a mistake and are not sure how to undo it, use the undo icon found at the top of the spreadsheet.; it looks like a counterclockwise arrow. It will take you back one change every time it is clicked.

An example of how to use the chart:  If Ann Smith is going to teach the K-3rd class on October 10, she would move the cursor to that cell and click on it to highlight it.  She would then enter her name "Ann S."  If she needs the whole gym for this class period she would type "gym" in the cell below her name; if she needs half the gym, she would type "1/2 gym" below it. This way, other prospective teachers will know what facilities are still available.  If she will just be using the usual classroom, the caf√© in this case, she doesn't need to enter anything.

Also, if you are going to be absent from co-op, please put your name in the last column for the appropriate week.

 Link to our chart of teacher and adoration rotations:


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