The Board

HFCHSA 2014 Board Members & Condensed Duties

The 2014 Board Members are Paula Foster, Rachel Salomon, and Liesa Klump.  As of 9/1/14, their specific division of duties has not been decided.

    1. General Leadership Board duties are;
      1. General supervision of the affairs of the Apostolate between its business meetings
      2. To fix the hour and place of meetings,
      3. To make recommendations to the Apostolate.
      4. Attending quarterly board meetings, that may be by email, online, or in person.
    2. Board’s Division of Duties.
      1. Spokespersons Duties;
        1. The Spokesperson is the head of the Board,
        2. Shall speak for the organization,
        3. and is knowledgeable and informed about all events.
      2. Collective Board duties;
        1. Are to be divided among the three person board as desired by the Board.
        2. The Board may delegate duties to members with approval of the Board and said member.
    3. Board’s Collective Duties include, but are not limited to;  
      1. Meeting Facilitator Duties(should be performed by one person);
        1. calling the meeting to order on time,
        2. preparing and presenting the agenda for the meeting,
        3. processing all motions,
        4. expediting business to ensure timeliness of the meeting,
        5. remain neutral and refraining from making any motions,
        6. adjourning the meeting.
      2. Membership Liaison Duties;
        1. maintaining membership list,
        2. assigning members to activities and maintaining the activity list,
        3. general correspondence with members via email,
        4. phone and internet (website),
        5. preparing and presenting membership folders to all members,
        6. new member welcome and education,
        7. preparing the yearly calendar.
        8. interface with the parish and school as needed, but particularly with regards to reserving facilities
      3. Secretarial Duties;
        1. keeping attendance at meeting,
        2. keeping minutes of what occurred during the meeting,
        3. preparing the minutes of  meetings,
        4. present minutes from the previous meeting to be approved by the members.
      4. Financial Duties;
        1. maintaining accurate financial records of the organization,
        2. authority to sign checks by two members,
        3. collect annual dues from members,
        4. presenting a financial report at the meeting,
        5. making sure the books are audited yearly.
      5. Outside Communication Duties;
        1. keeping the Bishop of The Diocese of Springfield-Cape Giradeau informed of Apostolate activities,
        2. and advertising the existence of the Apostolate.

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