Parent Committees

Holy Family Catholic Homeschool Apostolate
Parent Duties and Committees 2014/2015
Please note:  as of 9/2/14 this document is being edited and is not up to date
Weekly Co-op Duties:
Adoration Program - Liesa,
Prepare materials for people to follow along. Possibly lead adoration if a Priest is not available. Schedule the Priests to lead us. Plan the structure and content of adoration. 

Adoration Set-up/Clean-up  Paula, Shelly, Liesa 

Pre-Adoration Prep - all parents in attendance
 Gather children in the cafe area before adoration. Keep children settled down.  Possibly sing some songs with the kids to prepare for adoration. Make announcements.
Snack set-up  -
Monitor and assist in students in getting their snacks from the café kitchen.  Have water and cups available in the classrooms for snack/social time after Adoration
Supplies Maintenance -Shelly
Purchase supplies as needed. Inventory supplies available yearly. Purge & organize supplies at least yearly.
Parent Assignments - Paula
Maintain the teaching chart. Ask for parent volunteers to fill teaching, adoration set up Fill in remaining spots as needed with those parents that haven’t volunteered first.
Field Trips -
Decide, plan and book 3-4 field trips over the year. Let the board member in charge of the calendar know of the activities.

Original Works Art Project Coordinator - Pam Coates

Party Planning
Plan and execute parties for the kids during Friday co-op time.

     End of Year -

New Member and SEAS Liaison - Shelly
Be the contact person for potential new members, informing them of the activities and structure of our co-op.  Also, work with the SEAS facilities coordinator to reserve rooms/facilities for our co-op activities.

Other Apostolate Activity Committees:

Mom’s Activities - Krysta (breakfast),
Plan monthly Mom’s breakfasts, and quarterly Mom’s night outs. Let the board member in charge of the calendar know of the activities.
Dad’s Activities
Plan Dad’s night out as desired.
Retreat Committee - Shelly
Plan and execute an annual adult spiritual retreat. Check with the board about budget before planning.
School Pictures Coordinator - Pam Coates (full)
Set up class pictures at least once a year. We usually do this with the SEAS school.

Service Project Coordinator - Shelly 
Plan a service project for Apostolate members to participate in.  Be sure to get it on the calendar.

Christmas Potluck - Pam Coates
Planning and executing a potluck dinner and Christmas program. Rooms are reserved by the SEAS Liaison. You will coordinate food sign up, set up, decorating, and clean up.  The program may be done by a subcommittee.

Mass with the Bishop    
Plan the details and recruit participants for our annual Mass with Bishop Johnston.

Potluck with the Bishop    
Plan and execute a potluck dinner and possibly a program for the night we have Mass with the Bishop.  The program may be done by a subcommittee.




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