Thursday, September 19, 2013

Website Updates

Many  changes have been made to the website. Several pages were added to make it easier to find information. If you can't find what you are looking for it is probably in the documents tab.

The Teaching Chart and Parent Committees tab are especially important for all parents involved in Friday co-op to review. Almost as important is the Friday co-op tab and the parent duties tab. I know we are all busy but it is really important that you look over these pages.

Right now we need more parents to volunteer for committees, so if you aren't signed up for one yet please pick one and let us know. The committees with red lettering are the ones still needing parents.

And of course please sign up on the teaching chart if you haven't. You can also note days you aren't going to be able to attend in the last column of that chart, by putting your name in red there.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Printable 2014 - 2015 Calendar

For those of you who prefer a paper calendar to a digital here is a link to a printable calendar. These are just co-op activities and does not have other apostolate activities like Mom's breakfast, retreats, etc on it.

I will add this link to the calendar tab as well.

Just FYI, this calendar has some tentative items on it, and things may change. I will always update the google calendar, which is the calendar you can see (not linked to) in the calendar tab. I may not update the calendar post or this printable calendar....just too many calendars to keep track of! I will also send out email or a blog post for things that change.