Parent Duties

The children are divided into four groups by grade; 0-PK, K-3rd, 4th-7th, and 8th and up. All groups except the nursery/PK group have two classes sessions. One is a class we call "Adventures in Learning", the other is a combination snack, PE and social time class. The nursery/PK classes do age appropriate activities after having a snack. For each of these classes we need two adults, one to lead the class and one to assist.

Ideally each parent would only have to either teach or assist for one hour each Friday, but we don't always have enough parents to make that happen, especially during the cold/flu season. Sometimes a parent will volunteer to teach a certain class for the whole year, but that is not usually the case.  We need every parent to volunteer to teach, or be in charge, of at least 2 class periods a year; they also need to assist at least this much.  The parent might choose an activity that needs more than one class period to complete.  Keep in ind that we have extremely limited storage space, and most projects will have to be taken home weekly and brought back as necessary.

When selecting an activity, keep in mind the target age as well as the liturgical season.  The parent in charge does not actually have to do the teaching themselves, they might bring in someone such as an EMT to teach first aid, or they might have access to a short instructional video.  Try to choose something that will generally appeal to both boys and girls.   Activities might include anything from the usual school subjects, especially if it is in a fun format. Crafts, science experiments, religion trivia, writing seminars, geography bees, are all do-able.  A parent might also want to bring in someone to talk about/demonstrate their job.  These are just some possibilities.

We do have supplies of many arts and crafts items in the attic; check there before purchasing. We also have a list of supplies on the documents page, and here.  We will reimburse up to $15 of supplies per weekly class without prior board approval. Submit your receipts to the treasurer for reimbursement.

Here is our spreadsheet of parent teaching assignments. This document can be edited by anyone; parents are to add their name to any class they wish to teach or assist. If we have a lack of volunteers, unfortunately we will be forced to assign parents as necessary, starting with those who have not yet volunteered.

In addition to teaching, there are also support functions that need to be done in order to make the program run smoothly.  We also need help planning & executing other activities we do throughout the year. Please take a look at this document (add link) and choose an activity. If you don't choose, you will be assigned at least one of the activities. These are group activities done by several parents except where noted.

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