Thursday, September 13, 2012

John's Class Description

Here is a description of what John will be teaching over the next three weeks, and what the kids need to bring to class:

Class one: We will talk about God and his natural world. we will discuss the Popes writing on the subject and talk a little about Genesis. Then the topic will turn to, " Man, his responsibilities and impacts on the natural world. we will begin to learn identification with trees. I have activity books for the older group which we will work on time permitting.
Needs: pens

Class two: we will continue on the activity books and learn to identify flora and fauna as well as wild life from insects to aquatic to birds and mammals.  We will talk about the diversity that exists in Gods natural world. We will work on leaf rubbings.
Needs: pens and pencils with good leads. We will also need a good pencil sharpener or two.

Class three: we will meet at Trinity Hills. We will have class for an hour to refresh on identifications and orientation of the plan for the day. Next we will go on a nature hike which will include a test on identifications. We will end up down at the river to collect as much fossils and aquatic life as possible.
Needs:pens , water shoes and hiking shoes. a small net if they have one, drinking water.

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