Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Changes......and Requests

Haven't even started the year yet and we have changes. The calendar is going to change because rooms were not available at SEAS for all the dates. I will post when our revised schedule is out.

School picture information is coming very soon.....just have to write the post.

And now for requests......we are asking everyone to help out with teaching the Adventures in Learning classes during co-op. Every one of us has skills to teach on some subject that the kids will enjoy, yes, even you!
Try to think of a class you can teach for 2-4 weeks to either the 5-8 year olds or the 9+ age group, or both. I am not sure exactly how many weeks everyone will need to do at this point as it depends on how many families join and such.  If you absolutely cannot teach a class then you can be a teacher assistant but you may have to do double the time as an assistant if that is all you do. Those parents that are not teaching or assisting on a given day, will be handling the social/PE/snack and the nursery duties.

Here are some class ideas to get your creativity going; nature, art, photography, cooking, hygiene, basic first aid, essential Spanish, hand sewing, knitting, writing, Saint studies, science topics, a short unit study, a history event, Missouri history, singing, dancing, sports, physical fitness........

At this point I am just asking you to send me an email or post a comment letting me know how many weeks you can teach for, what age group, what time of the year you prefer, what weeks you can't teach, and what you are going to teach if you know. I will compile all the volunteers and then see what needs to be filled in.

I still have more details to send out about the upcoming year. I planned to have all those posted already, but I never get as much done as I think I can!

Plus, I am in the throws of planning for next years homeschool too! I just love the planning....anyone else in the planning grove? Or is everyone done planning already?

More later.....Krysta

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