Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What is the year going to look like?

Our planning meeting last night was very fruitful. We managed to pretty much get all the important decision making done. Until official minutes are available, here are some highlights.

We will continue to meet for co-op activities on Friday afternoons. Our exact time is not set yet as we gather a little more information, but it will be close to 1:30 to 4:30pm. Dues have not been set yet, but they are unlikely to increase this year.

The big change is the calendar for the year.
We will start the first Friday in September, and end the first Friday in May. Six of the first Friday's will either be a Mass/potluck, or a Mass/fieldtrip that all local Catholic homeschoolers may participate in, without being Apostolate members. With holiday breaks, that leaves 24 co-op meetings for the year.

Those 24 co-op meetings will be pretty much the same structure as last year. With an hour of adoration, an hour for adventures in learning, and an hour for social/PE/snack. We will be rotating parents around a little more this year, to hopefully avoid a few parents having to take a heavy load.....more on that later.

An adult retreat is also planned for the year, and more Mom's nights out.

I am planning on posting a calendar summary for the year, and more details over the next few days....stay tuned!


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