Thursday, February 21, 2013

Poll for March 8th

On Friday, March 8th we were scheduled to have a Mass and Potluck activity instead of normal Friday co-op activities. Well the church ended up with conflicts of space and asked if we could use the cafe instead of the cafeteria for our potluck. We agreed to move, but the cafe is very small for our entire group to have a potluck in. So, we came up with a few options of what to do instead of the potluck. Please vote below and the winner is what we will do.

To clarify the Stations & Fish Fry is to attend those activities that are already going on at SEAS. Stations starts at 3pm in the sanctuary and then there is a fish fry afterwards in the cafeteria. I have no idea what the charge is for the fish fry.

What activity would you like to do March 8th?

normal co-op day with adoration & classes0%
attend stations at 3p & fish fry afterword0%
no activity at all0%
don't care what we do0%
Other: (Please specify)0%

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