Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ukrainian Egg Class This Friday

This Friday, February 15th, Katie will be teaching the older group traditional Ukrainian Egg decorating. Please read her description below before class this week if you have a child in the olders class.

The classes will switch times as Katie cannot get away from work until later in the day. Katie will arrive at 3:00 to set up and then the olders class will begin promptly at 3:30, in the old youth room. So the younger group will go with Shelly to the youth room right after adoration, and the olders will go to the cafe right after adoration.

We will need as many adults as possible helping in the egg class.

Here is Katie's info:
Class 1: Explain Ukrainian eggs. Tie in to Lent.  Explain colors and symbols.
Explain safety and rules.  Children who cannot sit still will not be successful in this class.
Demonstrate how to write on the eggs.
Give each student an egg with pencil markings on it.
Students will cover the pencil markings with hot wax using the kisky.

I will take all eggs home and dye them in yellow.

Class 2: Students will continue working on the eggs according to the pattern (everyone's eggs will have the same pattern)
Students will dye eggs in class.
Students will remove the wax once their egg is finished.  I expect some kids to finish their first egg during this class.

I will take cleaned eggs home and apply varnish and bring back next week.

Class 3:  Students will finish their first egg and remove the wax. For students who are really behind, it would be helpful if their parent or other adult worked with them one-on-one.
Those finished with their first egg may work on a second egg.
I will bring my electric kisky and lathe for those who finish their first egg to use.  We will probably reserve these for the oldest kids.

I will take cleaned eggs home and apply varnish and send back next week.

I don't have any solutions for those who do not finish their eggs after the third class.  We will not be doing an difficult pattern, so everyone should finish in 3 classes.  If a child is sick and misses a class, it may be difficult for them to finish their egg.

I will only have enough eggs for 2 per student.  They will have to be very careful not to break eggs.  These eggs are not hollow.  The egg inside the shell has been drying for over a year.

The tools we use to write the wax on the eggs are called kisky. They cost $5.00 each.  I have a decent supply so we will not have to purchase any.  If anyone wants to work on eggs at home after the class, I will ask for a $5 deposit for each kisky (there are 3 sizes).  The beeswax cost 50 cents each and the candle costs 25 cents.

Let me know if you have any questions.  I am looking forward to sharing this art form with the kids!


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