Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Classes, Classes, Classes

First, John can't teach his class the first week of co-op. He is very willing to go over with someone what he was going to teach if someone is willing to take it over. I think it can be managed by just about anyone. Please let me know if you can take this on. Here is his class description so you can see what you would be doing:

Class one: We will talk about God and his natural world. we will discuss the Popes writing on the subject and talk a little about Genesis. Then the topic will turn to, " Man, his responsibilities and impacts on the natural world. we will begin to learn identification with trees. I have activity books for the older group which we will work on time permitting.
Second, I am going to be really working on our teaching calendar for the year next week. I really need to know if you have any times you can't teach,  when you want to teach, or whatever your needs are. I have several that haven't let me know anything at all yet. Please email me, or comment below.

So, please go look at the yearly schedule and see where you might want to teach. For the first half of the year we only have a few weeks to fill. Four to be exact from October 19th to November 16th. Anyone got a four week class they want to do?

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