Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dues for this year

Dues have been established for the 2012-2013 school year. These are the fees to attend Friday co-op activities.

For children 5 and up dues will be $15 per child. There is no charge for children 4 and under that will only attend adoration and then be in the nursery.

You may go ahead and send your dues payment to Krysta if you want. Please make your check payable to "HFCHSA". If you need Krysta's mailing address, please email her.

If you know you will be attending co-op activities, but aren't ready to pay yet, please drop Krysta and email to let her know. This way she can do her planning.


  1. I have a question... I know for sure our family cannot commit to be at HFCHA every week, but we love you all and if we get the chance to come once in a while, we would like to do so. Would this be acceptable, or disruptive; and in terms of dues, how should we contribute? Thanks! :)
    Christine L-M

    1. Christine,
      Sorry for our delay in response but we had to figure this out. So here is what we are thinking. We welcome families to visit us 2 to 3 three times for free and then we would hope you would decide to commit and pay dues. But we also want to be a blessing (we are so glad you love us, we love you too!)and if you can only commit to part time, then come part time. We will just always make you assist at something, unless you know you can make it a couple weeks in a row and can teach something.

      Also, we discussed the possibility of paying 1/2 dues for part time participation, or if you didn't commit until mid-year...say any time after Christmas break. But, we will consider scholarships as well. If it were up to us it would be free for all, but there are expenses to pay......

      There will be a post soon to update this information for everyone.....Krysta